Gillian McKnight-Tutein is a motivational teacher who has spent her career in education, corporate, and non-profit environments. She takes a no-nonsense approach to moving individuals and organizations out of their personal and institutional comfort zones in an effort to help them achieve a holistic version of ‘success’.

Dr. Gee (as her students and clients refer to her) works with: individuals navigating their life purpose, employees unsure about how to move forward in their careers; women increasingly frustrated with their inability to balance their responsibilities; teams to raise their collaboration quotient (CQ); and students stuck in their pursuit of advanced degrees. Gillian has a unique perspective on triumph and how having a willingness to ‘fall’ plays very well into moving forward.  

Gillian believes each person was born for greatness! She uses her passion and engaging sense of humor to help you: (1) listen attentively to what your life is telling you, (2) navigate your personal circumstances, and (3) discover how you are uniquely designed to thrive.

You deserve nothing less!


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