“Eventually you realize that your fears aren’t giants. You were simply looking up from below.”

“The REAL winner in the game of tug of war is the one who lets go.”



“You can’t have what you want if you don’t know what that is.”

“Don’t live in awe of your potential. Live your potential and create awe. THAT is greatness.”

“You will surely accomplish greatness when your excuses no longer garner you some type of reward.”

“To do well, you must excel. To do good, you must DO SOMETHING.”

“While you’re living your life for everyone else, try to remember that they are all living their own.”



“Your job as a parent is not to “spoil” your child. The word literally means rot. It is the opposite of what you are charged with. You are to foster the growth of another human being into the greatest of its own potential. THAT is your responsibility.”



“The only label I will allow you to affix to me is ‘Love’.”

“Evaluate the relationships that bring you conflict. You can’t keep expecting people to give/say/do what they are not capable of and blame them for angering/frustrating you. Accept their 100% or move on. When you try to change them instead of your reaction to them, the issue is you not them.”



“True grace is evident when something bad happens and instead of saying “Why me?”, you can say, “Why not me?”.

“Gratitude – because they didn’t have to. Service-because you must pay it forward.”

*All quotes are original, and must be attributed to the author Dr. Gillian McKnight-Tutein


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