Gillian’s guidance and assistance has been invaluable in my professional and personal development. She served as a strong coach and guided me to completion of my master’s degree by holding me to a high standard, helping me set realistic goals and a timeline and regular check-in’s to ensure I met my educational goals. From a career development standpoint, she has become my most valued mentor, and has always been available to guide me. As a great coach and mentor, she rarely provides me with a direct answer, but guides by providing sage advice from her perspective, helping me see how others may view a decision I’m preparing to make, and asking me the tough questions that lead me to the right answer. – Michael M.

Dr.McKnight-Tutein is a cogent and highly engaging speaker. Her direct style and willingness to say what everyone else is thinking allows a connection with her audience that is rarely experienced. Hers is an undeniable presence which invites attentive listening and thoughts provoked long after the end of the presentation. Pointed, humorous and never dull, she is a remarkable addition to any plenary.Alison H.

I had the great privilege of attending a speech by Gillian McKnight-Tutein presented at Colorado Mesa University. I was struck by her depth of knowledge on the subject matter and her keen ability to engage an audience as a storyteller. More impressive than her power to connect with the audience, however, was her power to leave me thinking more deeply about the subject matter. She is a truly inspiring public speaker. – M. Mansheim

As many know, life experiences can sometimes take a toll on your mental, emotional and physical state. When that occurs, there is no better remedy than to share your thoughts and feeling with someone who is objective. Gillian has been that individual for me. Her ability to empathize, encourage and make one realize their potential for greatness is a gift. Although she doesn’t make it easy for you and by no means lets you get away with self pity, she does make you realize how much we each have to be grateful for and that life is meant to be lived positively. I have much gratitude for Gillian’s sense of self and her willingness to share it.Elaine G.

Gillian has been a tremendous asset as a career coach. As a young, female professional, I was a bit lost on how to grow professionally and advance in my career. Gillian has been able to give me clear direction on many subjects, such as how to set long term goals with accompanying short term goals to achieve it, the best way to handle a situation I was in at that very moment, and how to frame communications to receive ideal responses. This has been followed up by giving me feedback on the interactions she has witnessed to advise me on better approaches and possible downfalls of my methods. It makes all the difference to have a safe place to discuss with an accomplished professional, who has learned how to navigate the professional world, the challenges I’m facing and the areas that I need to improve. I have acheived a much needed change in career trajectory because of our work together.Robyn B.


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